Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ughhhh... Clift-hangers Are Evil!!!

I was reading Origin yesterday and was all like

through most of the book.

But then....

Things. Got. Real.

And a "war" broke out and my emotions went like this....


Then I through the darn thing a few times (sorry author)

And now as I'm writing this....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shatter Me #2.5 Novella Finally NAMED

So according to Harper Collin, this novella is 

titled Fracture Me.

 Compared to Warner 's Awesomeness Adam has HUGE bar to pass (not to mention all of the Aaron-Warner fans who have a bone to pic with Adam). Even though there are Adam fans everywhere in the world (my old teacher for instance...but was that a weird conversation when she saw me re-reading Shatter Me. And wanted to fangirl over Adam
 *shivers/glares at the memory*

So...yeah back on topic.....
Ummm... Shatter Me #2.5 will be Adam's POV and is called Fracture Me

Happy Reading!!!